Note – Coming Soon. “The Complete Black Isle Music Collection”

a compilation of all three volumes available early summer 2020 (hopefully!)

Black Isle Music Three

The third volume of Keith’s original tunes including the popular Epic Reel with harmony parts, as recently recorded by Childsplay and other dance gems like Viroqua. Once again, a bonus appendix with some of Becky’s best recent compositions like the enchanting waltz, Chili and Chocolate.

Black Isle Music III

Black Isle Music II

This is the sequel to the first Black Isle Music collection – 10 years of tunes, from achingly beautiful waltzes to gritty dance tunes and much in between. Including an appendix of select tunes from Becky Tracy and Aidan Murphy!

cover art for new tune book by Keith Murphy

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The Black Isle Music tune collection

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The first book of original music by Keith Murphy, published 2001

This book includes tunes recorded by Nightingale, Assembly (Popcorn Behavior), Wild Asparagus, Big Bandemonium, Childsplay, and Becky Tracy on her solo recording, Evergreen. There are half a dozen waltzes of varied flavor, a bunch of jigs and reels, a couple of airs, plus a few oddities.

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Black Isle Music II. First Printing

These are mistakes that appear in the first printing of the book. Those would be copies bought between December 2012 and the end of February 2013. (Collectors’ items!)

Most of these corrections are chord related. Some errors were human, others were related to a program glitch in the exporting of the files from the music notation software.

p 12 Chords on the Divine Reel.

I do vary the chords that I play on this tune and it sometimes depends on which instrument I am playing. But I altered the chords for the A part on the second printing to some more logical changes that will work for more people.

||:Dm  C  |  Dm  Am  |  Dm  Dm  |  G  C  |
Dm  C  |  Dm  Dm  |  G    G     1. |  F   G   :||           2. |  F  F ||

p 18 Chords for Ironbound.

Software related correction.

The “correct” chords should read as follows

||: D D | D D | D D | D Am |
D D | D D | D D | G G   :||

||: D D | D D | D D | G C |
_____         ____
|  D D | D D | G  G   1. | C D  :||   2. | D C ||

p 24 Lucky Man

There is a series of anticipations in this tune based on tying the last note of one bar to the first note of the next bar. None of the ties appear in the first printing. The following is a list of the notes that should have been tied to the notes that follow after them.

The last notes of bars 1, 3, 5, 9, 11, 13, 15 should all be tied to the first notes of the bars immediately following them.

p 40 Sam, Sam Amidon

Chord errors. There should be a ‘C’ chord at the end of bar four. (So that bar would have three chords in it – C D C)

Bar 15, the Gm chord should have been a Bb

Bar 28, there should be a F/a chord at the end of bar 28. (So that bar would have three chords in it – Cm Bb and F/a) The same change should be made for bar 36.

p. 48 Treaty of Paris

A program glitch inserted some very weird chords in the A part of the tune. The correct chords for the A part should be

||: A  A | Bm Bm | D D | E E |  A  A | Bm Bm | D D | E A  :||

p. 59 Pricker on the Cactus

Bar 12 – the G should be an F# (though bar 16 remains as originally printed).