On the Banks of Coldbrook: Songs from the Hills of Vermont


This CD is the result of a project where Keith and Tony Barrand explored the repertoire of the Atwood family, who lived in Dover, Vermont in the early 1900s.

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Keith spent a couple of years working with Tony Barrand, the great traditional English ballad singer on this repertoire of songs from the Atwood family. The Atwoods had lived in Dover, Vermont (near our home in Brattleboro) in the early 1900s. Their songs were collected by Edith Sturgis and published by Schirmer in 1919, a major music publisher that seems to have taken an interest in folk song for a period of time. Vermont folk singer, Margaret MacArthur sang these songs for a while but they seem to have been otherwise untapped. Many of the songs are rare versions of traditional ballads and Keith’s harmony singing and sensitive piano playing are a perfect counterpoint to Tony’s inimitable vocals. Becky adds beautiful fiddle parts on several tracks. Singout Magazine published a lengthy article of Tony’s describing the detailed history of this project.