Bound for Canaan


Keith’s first solo CD, Bound for Canaan, came out in July of 2005. A great collection of traditional songs from Eastern Canada and New England spanning both the English and French sides of the New World. The arrangements are beautifully layered with double guitars, fiddle and flute in the spirit of the celtic revival without the weight of overproduction. And the directness of Keith Murphy’s singing maintains the true spirit of traditional music. This is a unique contribution to the world of recorded traditional song.

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It somehow took years to finally make this project happen. But once things got going it was very exciting. I have always loved the texture of multiple guitars and mandolins creating a layered harmonic texture and it was a pleasure to develop that sound with guitarist Mark Simos who is incredibly creative with tunings and voicings. Mark Roberts has a gutsy sound on flute and whistles that I admire and a great sense of ensemble arranging. No one has more experience and understanding of my approach to singing and arranging than Becky. Her unique sound is at the core of many of these songs. Pete Sutherland greased the wheels with his smooth production technique. For me, Bound for Canaan was worth waiting for.


  • Becky Tracy, fiddle
  • Mark Roberts, flutes, whistles, five string banjo
  • Mark Simos, acoustic and high strung guitar
  • Rani Arbo, harmony vocals

“I can only envy Keith Murphy’s wonderful singing — whether you’re talking of feeling or tone, every note rings clear and true” — Dáithí Sproule

All songs traditional except where noted.
* additional lyrics by Keith Murphy.
^ original tune by Keith Murphy.
Black Isle Music, BMI
All arrangements by Keith Murphy.


Track List

  1. Clamanda*/Farewell to the Taliban^
  2. Buonaparte*
  3. C’est Aujourd’hui Grande Fête
  4. Hard Times
  5. Brown Girl
  6. Beau Rossignol / Return to Crieff^
  7. Gypsy Davy
  8. A Sailor Courted
  9. Parting Friends*
  10. Nous Allons à une Fête
  11. The Stormy Scenes of Winter


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