November, 2011

Hello friends,

Fall has flown by and the end of year is already in sight. We’ve enjoyed our music work this fall. Most recently, I had the pleasure to work with my friend, David Surette – a consummate musician. We were part of a new mini mandolin festival in Lebanon, NH. In addition to mandolin, David plays guitar and cittern. We gave some workshops and then shared a concert in the evening, each playing some solo and then some stuff together. At the same time, Becky was at Fiddle Hell (actually the name of the event). She really went to hell and back.

Tony Barrand and I did a concert with local classical pianist, Susan Dedell. The Atwood Family songs that Tony and I have been singing were originally published by Schirmer in 1919 with art song style piano arrangements by Robert Hughes. This was our first time singing the songs with those arrangements. It took a little while to get our heads around the piano part, but we really warmed up to it and hope to get the chance to sing those arrangements with Susan again sometime.

Becky is wrapping up her annual Wild Asparagus tour in Oregon as we speak, or at least as I write. Next Sat, Oct 19, I’ll be doing another solo concert in Montpelier, VT and I am excited to be debuting some more of my songs from Newfoundland and New England. (contact Susan Reid <>) I will also do a DADGAD guitar workshop in the afternoon. Becky will be playing her post Thanksgiving dances with Wild Asparagus in Hartford and Norwich, VT. And then I am off to begin the annual Childsplay tour which will begin at Symphony Space in NYC, with more shows in New London, CT, Portland, ME and Boston. (more info at

Becky and I will play a couple of times in December with our old musical friend, Mark Roberts (flute, banjo, bombard and percussion). It’s always fun to play with Mark and we will do a dance in Brattleboro (Dec 18) and our annual New Year’s Eve concert. (also in Brattleboro – have any of you considered moving here?)

Tony and I will be recording a segment for the Folk Show on New Hampshire Public Radio. That will probably air Nov 27, but possibly the following week. You can stream that show, if you are interested.

I will probably send out one more message before the end of the year. I have a series of solo shows coming up early in January including a trip to Seattle and Anchorage. If you have thoughts on performance possibilities for either my show of Traditional Songs of Newfoundland and New England or for Becky and my duo show, please let us know.

And finally, dare I remind you of the impending shopping season? CD shipping will be particularly punctual, so consider (re)visiting our CD page –

all the best,
Keith and Becky