The new Ken Burns’ documentary, The Roosevelts: An Intimate History, features three tracks from this classic recording – The Black Isle, Evergreen and Finistere, all three composed by Keith Murphy. They all appear in dramatic moments in the final episode.

Becky Tracy: Evergreen (cd cover)

becky tracy

  1. John Henry’s Reel/First Month Of Summer/Bean A Ti Ar Lar/The Wil
  2. Slang Polska
  3. Arizona/Farewell Trian/Arizona
  4. Hassun Pekon massurkka/L’Inconnu De Limois
  5. The Tinker Woman/The Chanter’s Tune
  6. Bourrées From Saint Bonnet Près Riom
  7. Evergreen
  8. La Fille Dans Le Bois/Reel D’Idas Boudreault
  9. Folan’s/The Corner House/The Red Haired Lass
  10. Fiddler Around The Fairy Tree/The Black Rogue/Three Little Drumm
  11. Finistère/Walls Of Saint Malo/Quimper Gavotte/Walls Of Saint Ma
  12. The Black Isle
  1. John Henry's 0:22
  2. Arizona 0:24
  3. Hassum Pekon Massuekka 0:45
  4. The Tinker Woman 0:20
  5. Bourees from Saint Bonnet Pres Riom 0:23
  6. Evergreen 0:38
  7. La fille dans le bois 0:32
  8. Folan's 0:30
  9. Fiddler Around the Fairy Tree 0:26
  10. Finistere 0:39
  11. The Black Isle 0:43

Over the course of many years, Becky has developed a unique musical relationship with accordionist Jeremiah McLane through their work with the popular trio, Nightingale. On Evergreen, Jeremiah joins Becky on a set of Irish reels, a Swedish polska and a set of French Bourrees and fans of Nightingale will appreciate these pieces as a taste of that classic Nightingale sound.

David Cantieni, Becky’s bandmate from the ever-popular dance band, Wild Asparagus, joins in with his flute and bombard on a set of Breton tunes. He also helps drive the opening set of Irish reels and harmonizes on the beautiful title track, Evergreen.

Bill Tomczak and Becky are no strangers to each other having played many dances together over the years. But on this recording, Bill’s contribution goes beyond the bounds of New England dance music. A pair of mazurkas from Finland and France has Bill’s clarinet providing a haunting counterpoint and he adds a rich voice on the Evergreen waltz.

Back in her early days in Vermont, Becky connected with the extraordinary Irish piper, Benedict Koelher. It was a special treat to be able to add his incredible musicality to two sets of Irish tunes.

The entire recording is underlaid with the unerring sensitivity and creativity of husband, Keith Murphy. His playing on guitar, piano, mandolin, pump organ and foot percussion brings out the range and beauty of Becky’s playing through ever tasteful arrangements. He is the glue that binds her to the other amazing guest musicians she has brought together for this recording.