Saving an MP3

Saving an mp3 file from the web…

Does your browser start up the mp3 file in QuickTime? Do you see a playbar something like this?

If so, you can simply go to your browser’s File menu and choose Save Page as… and you’ll be downloading (saving) the file to your hard drive. From there you can drag it to iTunes or where you want it.

If this is not what you see you may have your browser options set to open this type of file in some other program, like Windows Media Player….

IE7 Windows Media Player (this is version 9) Your display may be different, but the directions should be similar….

I have an installation of Windows XP and IE 7 with Windows Media Player version 9.

This is what I get when I click on a link to an mp3 file.

To save the file to my hard drive I first switch to “skin mode” by clicking the icon in the lower right (#1) OR by selecting something from the skin chooser (#2).

“Skin mode” gives me a File menu!

I can choose Add to Media Library or Save Playlist As…

If you USE Windows Media Player, then you know what to do.

If you DON’T want to use Windows Media Player, but this is what opens you can change settings on your computer so that mp3 files will open as files you can save….

The next step shows you how to do that.

Bypassing Windows Media Player: Select “options” from the Tools menu.

Click on the File Types tab

Un-check the box for MP3 audio file (mp3)

Click OK to close this window.

Click the X to close Windows Media Player.

NOW click on one of the links to the mp3s and you shoud see the QuickTime player in a new page which you can save to your hard drive (See step 1!)

To restore Windows Media Player as the default application for dealing with mp3 files on the web, you can launch WMP from your START menu, navigate to the Tools, Options and File Types and re-check the MP3 option.