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Bright As Amber

Released June 1, 2023

Six exquisite traditional(ish) songs featuring Keith Murphy on vocals and acoustic guitar along with Anand Nayak (electric guitar), Reed Sutherland (acoustic bass) and JT Bates (drums).

1. Tarry Trousers, 2. Tom of Bedlam, 3. Reynardine, 4. Black-Eyed Susan, 5. Oak and Ash and Thorn, 6. Un Canadien errant.


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Black Isle Music Complete.

Digital version in PDF format!

For those musicians working in the ‘tablet age’ (or those happy to read from their computer screen) this book is a compilation of the first three volumes of Black Isle Music plus well over a dozen great new tunes from Keith and Becky written since volume three came out. Over 130 of Keith’s great tunes plus a bundle of gems from Becky. There is an alphabetized tune list at the beginning of the document where you can ‘tap’ a tune title and be brought directly to that music. The digital download is $20. If you have any issues with the download, please email

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Keith and Becky: Golden
(February 2020) A collection of  carefully arranged, atmospheric instrumentals inspired by a variety of Northern fiddling traditions along with a few classic songs in English and French.The album is a showcase for Becky’s exquisite fiddling and Keith’s formidable multi instrumentalism on guitar, mandolin, piano and singing.With special guests Shannon Heaton on flute, Mark Hellenberg on percussion and Mark Roberts on banjo.

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Golden - CD Cover

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The title track of Keith’s last solo recording. This is a poem by Margaret Peace which Keith set to music.

One of Keith’s mighty tunes which he arranged for Childsplay

Becky and Keith performing at Brattleboro benefit for victims of Hurricane Irene

Becky with Rachel Bell (Eloise & Co.)

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