the musical projects of Keith and Becky
becky tracy keith murphy

Highly crafted playing of traditional music

fiddle playing with roots in Irish and French Canadian traditions
guitar, mandolin, piano and traditional singing in English and French


Keith’s Solo Show

Traditional Songs from Newfoundland and New England with fingerstyle guitar, mandolin and French Canadian foot percussion. (more info)

Keith and Becky’s Duo Show

A rich program blending slow airs and lilting dance tunes with songs in English and French (more info)


Highly respected for their clear and efficient teaching styles, Keith and Becky’s workshops include Irish and French Canadian fiddle styles, DADGAD guitar tuning and ensemble playing.


Keith’s compositions have been used in film and theater and are popular with traditional players in many places. Becky’s list of compositions has also been growing. A couple of free transcriptions from both of them are available here.


Keith and Becky: Golden (finally!)
We are happy to announce that we finally have copies of our new duo recording, Golden.  It is a collection of  carefully arranged, atmospheric instrumentals inspired by a variety of Northern fiddling traditions along with a few classic songs in English and French. The album is a showcase for Becky’s exquisite fiddling and Keith’s formidable multi instrumentalism on guitar, mandolin, piano and singing. With special guests Shannon Heaton on flute, Mark Hellenberg on percussion and Mark Roberts on banjo.
Golden - CD Cover

ordering info

CDs are $15 plus $3 shipping, (any number of CDs). Online orders, click on the ‘add to cart’ button. Or send a check to Keith Murphy, 104 Washington St Brattleboro, VT 05301

Black Isle Music Three

The third volume of Keith’s original tunes including the popular Epic Reel with harmony parts, as recently recorded by Childsplay and other dance gems like Viroqua. Once again, a bonus appendix with some of Becky’s best recent compositions like the enchanting waltz, Chili and Chocolate.

Keith and Becky’s Music was recently featured on the new Ken Burns’ documentary on the Roosevelts. Three pieces from Becky’s CD, Evergreen: The Black Isle, Finistere and Evergreen (all composed by Keith) were used in the last episode.


A Great Big Sea Hove in Long Beach – a Newfoundland song from Keith’s solo project

One of Keith’s mighty tunes which he arranged for Childsplay

Becky and Keith performing at Brattleboro benefit for victims of Hurricane Irene

The well loved “Sink the Cheerio”, by Pete Sutherland.